ChestXpander™ Adjustable Power Twister

ChestXpander™ Adjustable Power Twister -

ChestXpander™ Adjustable Power Twister

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Develop Upper Body Strength

ChestXpander™ Adjustable Power Twister helps tone your wrists, arms, shoulders, chest and back at the same time. It increases the muscle strength of the entire upper body.


Excellent Exerciser: ChestXpander™ is an excellent tool that enhances grip and strengthens fingers, wrists, forearms, arms, chest, shoulders and back.  

Cost-Effective: ChestXpander™ Adjustable Power Twister is a relatively inexpensive, specialized piece of equipment that’ll help you achieve a well toned upper body.

Adjustable Resistance: The resistance can be adjust by rotating the knob. As you rotate upwards, the resistance strength will increase, and rotating downward, will reduce it. Adjust as needed to make exercise more effective and avoid muscle strain.

Solid Spring Design: The resistance of the ChestXpander™ Adjustable Power Twister is generated by compressing a solid steel spring. Other expanders can create resistance by stretching the spring, which can be dangerous. By compressing the spring, we've eliminated this risk of flying debris and metal shrapnel.

Uniform Stress: The double-spring design keeps the springs of the power twister to be evenly stressed and not deformed during working. Enhancing the life of the twister.

Safety And Stability: The unique golden ratio triangle support will always keep the ChestXpander™ in a stable state to ensure its safety. 

Strong Strength: Anti slip grip provides a resistance strength of 10 - 60 kgs. It can be easily adjusted according to your needs. So whether you are a novice or a veteran, it is a wise investment decision for your body. 

Wide Application: Ideal for athletes, gymnasts, MMA, boxing and climbing, fitness, golf, tennis, and people who love bodybuilding. ChestXpander™ is suitable for sports that require your arm strength, coordination and control.


  • Strength Range: 10kg-60kg
  • Size: 47*12.5*4cm
  • Material: ABS + steel plate + carbon steel spring


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